Hall of Fame

The Snohomish County USBC accepts nominations for the Hall of Fame. Any member of the Snohomish County USBC may submit nominations, To be considered for presentation at the Annual Meeting, nominations must be delivered to the association by December 15th.

Applications are available in all houses, as well as for download here on this site.

Hall of fame recipients are inducted at the Snohomish County USBC Annual Meeting.

                                    SCUSBC Hall of Fame

Name                               Year Inducted                           Name                         Year Inducted

Theresa Hensman (EWBA) *                        1985                                                         Ray Phillips (GEBA)                              2003

Greta Twedt (EWBA) *                                  1987                                                         Dick Rose (GEBA)                                2004

Mary Johnson (EWBA)                                  1989                                                         Rod Fortier (GEBA)                              2004

Loretta Stanton (EWBA) *                                1990                                                      Ron Hicks (GEBA)                                2005

Ann Hajek (EWBA)                                        1992                                                         Conrad Freeling (GEBA)                       2005

Bertha Fields (EWBA) *                                 1994                                                          Leon Wells (GEBA)  *                           2006

Ernie Miller (GEBA) *                                     2000                                                         Margaret Weber (GEBA)                       2007

Darrell Storkson (GEBA)                                2000                                                         Edie Schauman (SCUSBC) *                 2009

Joe Weber Jr (GEBA) *                                  2000                                                         Peggy Branter (SCUSBC) *                    2010

William (Bill) Grashoff (GEBA) *                     2002                                                       Larry Miller (SCUSBC)                          2012

Daryl Moses (GEBA)                                      2002                                                         Don Bullock (SCUSBC)                         2013

Gordy Cea (GEBA)                                         2003                                                          Pat Langolis                                           2014


                                                                                                                                           Peggy Durr                                             2016

    * Indicates has passed away                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                           Steve Miller                                             2017