Registered Volunteer Program

The United States Bowling Congress has developed a Registered Volunteer Program (RVP) that will impact every person who has contact with young bowlers who participate in USBC youth leagues, tournaments and/ or other programs.

The USBC RVP will accomplish three very important goals:

   1. It will ensure that all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers are qualified to do so. It includes a mandatory criminal

       background screening designed to remove and / or discourage those who might harm our kids.

   2. It will require all Registered Volunteers to abide by a Code of Conduct which defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

   3. It will allow USBC to identify and communicate with thousands of volunteers.

This program has critical consequences. It is part of a nationwide movement among all youth organizations, sports and otherwise. In cooperation with the National Council of Youth Sports (the leading national youth sports service organization) and the National Center for Safety Initiatives (the only national background screening service specifically dedicated to the protection of children), USBC has designed a state of the art model organizations facing the same challenges will be invited to use.

Every USBC association will be asked to identify all volunteers who have contact with USBC youth bowlers and to select a "Registered Volunteer Supervisor" who willbe the association point person on managing this project locally. The "RVS" will work directly with USBC, as well as, all bowling centers served by the association to manage the RVP.